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Nuendo Live is a professional multitrack live recording solution, perfectly tailored to capture live performances.

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Nuendo Live is a professional multitrack live recording solution, perfectly tailored to capture live performances, from club show up to the largest concerts and festivals. Ease of use, utmost stability and an exceptional performance are combined to make your live recording session both more professional and a whole lot easier. Highlights of Nuendo Live include on-the-fly session setup, a convenient record panel, a 60-second pre-record buffer, auto-save functionality and a seamless integration with Yamaha’s CL digital mixing consoles. In plain words, Nuendo Live the ideal choice to capture the essence of now — with superior quality and without any compromises.

  • Advanced live recording system featuring a straightforward single-window operation, a record panel, a pre-record buffer and more
  • Seamless integration with Yamaha CL-series consoles for controlling essential Nuendo Live functions straight from the live console
  • State-of-the-art recording quality based on Steinberg’s award-winning audio engine with up to 192 kHz lets your production stand apart from the competition
  • Nuendo Live Record Panel shows all essential session information at once — creating confidence in demanding live situations
  • Advanced Session Management with auto-naming of recorded files, multiple folder creation, easy-to-use marker track, auto-save and notepad
  • Zero setup time thanks to automatic track creation function that make Nuendo Live record-ready in less than a minute
  • 24+ hours recording time thanks to EBU-compliant RIFF 64 broadcast wave format in standard recording mode
  • Virtual Sound Check allows for easy use of previous recordings for sound check, including marker recall and 1:1 output
  • Deliver with confidence due to standardized rendering formats and Nuendo
  • Editing on the road: Nuendo Live includes essential editing functions, making it possible to create a rough edit of the recordings right after the show

Clean and professional design

Nuendo Live highlights a user interface that you will instantly feel familiar with. Recording, editing, marker lane insertion, access to folders — everything is close at hand and can be accessed from one clearly arranged window. Dispensable options and preferences are replaced by auto-setup functions, making Nuendo Live instantly ready to record. Best of all, Nuendo Live is derived from the professional look and feel of its big brother, Nuendo.

Record-ready in less than a minute

With Nuendo Live you are ready to record in less than a minute. The application automatically creates the whole input/output setting right after the start. Plus, Nuendo Live enables you to arm all tracks at once and to set up the naming scheme of recorded tracks, folders and project files instantly. This time-saving approach allows you to concentrate on what really counts: the show.

Intuitive Marker Track management

Nuendo Live is designed to capture a complete show or even a festival in one single project. Due to the intuitive marker handling, you don’t have to set up individual Nuendo Live projects to distinguish between different artists or bands. The Marker Track enables you to create and name marker points on the fly, even during the recording process. Simply enter the titles of a track to easily identify them during post-production. You can also highlight a significant solo or generate a marker that indicates the recording of the next artist. Plus, the in-built notepad lets you write comments and helpful remarks. Needless to say, all notes are saved together with the session.

Auto renaming and folder creation

Nuendo Live actively supports you in managing your recording session. Recorded files are named automatically with the track number and the track name. You can also assign artist and production names, allowing you to easily identify files related to each other. Direct access to recording folders and the possibility to save the audio files of a session into different folders makes handling your session a breeze.

Soundcheck — one, two, three

Imagine doing a sound check without the artists being on stage — this is exactly what you can do with Nuendo Live. Simply use previous recordings for a Virtual Sound Check through the stereo or the multitrack output via the respective channels of your mixing console is possible. Of course, the mapping of the tracks can easily be adjusted by changing the track order using drag & drop functionality.

Stay ahead of things — Nuendo Live Record Panel

Nuendo Live features a convenient Record Panel that shows all the essential live recording information in one spot. Whether it is the recording length (current and total), the remaining disk space, the project timecode, the incoming timecode, the marker position or the record folder — everything you need to know is displayed in real time, providing you a bird’s eye view on your current recording session, even from a distance.

24+ hours recording without barriers

Nothing should interrupt your recording session. For this reason, Nuendo Live features a timecode-friendly 24-hour timeline, making it possible to record without any limits. And if you’re recording for more than 24 hours, Nuendo Live automatically adds a new day to the timeline. Plus, the software elegantly overcomes traditional file size limitations: the EBU standard RIFF 64 Broadcast Wave File format is used per default, removing the natural 4GB file size barrier of standard WAV recording files. And even when Nuendo Live is being used with a FAT32 file system, the application automatically splits recorded files before the 4GB barrier is reached.

Superior remote control from Yamaha CL consoles

Nuendo Live seamlessly integrates with Yamaha’s all-new digital mixing consoles, the CL series. Once connected, you can control all vital functions of Nuendo Live directly from the touch-sensitive surface of the console. Thanks to the Extension plug-in, a software adapter that facilitates the communication between the console and Nuendo Live, CL features, such as channel name copy, marker set and transport control, are directly reflected within Nuendo Live’s user interface. Record, play, stop — everything you need is just a touch away. Plus the CL console also displays important information provided by Nuendo Live, such as current and remaining record time, making this system solution the perfect choice to master even the most demanding live recording tasks.

1:1 connection

The close connection between Nuendo Live and Yamaha’s live recording desks can also be seen by means of the channel management. All channels of the CL console are represented 1:1 in Nuendo Live, including the channel order, names and even the colors are perfectly matched between software and hardware — integration at its best.

Mac OS XWindows
Supported operating systems
Mac OS X version 10.7 / 10.8 / 10.9 Windows 7 / Windows 8.x
Minimum system requirements
Intel or AMD dual core CPU
8 GB free HD space
USB port for USB-eLicenser (license management)
OS compatible audio hardware
DVD-ROM dual-layer drive
Internet connection required for activation, account setup and personal / product registration.
Additional downloads may be required for the installation.