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32 + 2 fader configuration adapts to a wide range of channel layouts. The QL5 is a compact console with large-scale capabilities.

  • Overview
  • Specs
  • Mix channels: 64 mono, 8 stereo.
  • Busses: 16 mix, 8 matrix (Input to Matrix supported).
  • Local I/O: 32 in, 16 out.
  • Fader configuration: 32 + 2 (Master).
  • Stainless steel iPad support stays.

General specifications

Sampling frequency rateInternal 44.1kHz / 48kHz
External 44.1kHz: +4.1667%, +0.1%, -0.1%, -4.0% (±200ppm), 48kHz: +4.1667%, +0.1%, -0.1%, -4.0% (±200ppm)
Signal delay Less than 2.5ms, INPUT to OMNI OUT, Fs= 48kHz
Fader 100mm motorized, Resolution=1024steps, +10dB to –138dB, –∞dB all faders
Total harmonic distortion Less than 0.05% 20Hz-20kHz@+4dBu into 600Ω, INPUT to OMNI OUT, Input Gain= Min.
Frequency response +0.5, -1.5dB 20Hz-20kHz, refer to +4dBu output @1kHz, INPUT to OMNI OUT
Dynamic range 112dB typ.: DA Converter / 108dB typ.: INPUT to OMNI OUT, Input Gain = Min.
Hum & noise levelEquivalent input noise -128dBu typ., Equivalent Input Noise, Input Gain=Max
Residual output noise -88dBu, Residual output noise, ST master off
Crosstalk -100dB*1, adjacent INPUT/OMNI OUT channels, Input Gain = Min.
Power requirements 100-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 200W
DimensionsW 828mm(32.6in)
H 272mm(10.7in)
D 563mm(22.2in)
Net weight 21.8kg(48.1lb)
Accessories Owner’s Manual, dust cover, power cord, DVS license sheet
Options Mini-YGDAI cards *2 , Gooseneck Lamp LA1L, Nuendo Live
Others Operating temperature range: 0 - 40℃, Storage temperature range: -20 - 60℃

Crosstalk@1kHz : A 22kHz, 30dB/Oct filter is used to measure crosstalk. Total Harmonic Distortion : An 80kHz, 18dB/Oct filter is used to measure total harmonic distortion. Hum & Noise : An A-Weight filter is used to measure hum &noise.

Analog input characteristics

Input ConnectorsGAINInput
Input levelConnector
Sensitivity*¹NominalMax. before clip
1-32 *6
+66dB 7.5 kΩ 50-600 Ω
Mics &
600 ΩLines
(Balanced) *2
–6dB –10dBu

*1. The sensitivity is the input level required for output at +4dBu (1.23V) or at the defined level when all the faders and level controllers are set to the maximum value. *2. XLR-3-31 connectors are balanced jacks (1=GND, 2=HOT, 3=COLD). *3. 0dBu=0.775 Vms for all specifications. *4. All the AD converters use 24-bit linear/128-times oversampling. *5. The INPUT connectors have +48V DC (phantom power) jacks, each of which can be turned on/off individually from the console software. *6. QL1: INPUT1-16

Analog output characteristics

Level *5
Output LevelConnector
Defined LevelMaximum
Non-Clip Level
OUT 1-16 *7
75 Ω 600 Ω
XLR-3-32 type
(Balanced) *1
+18dB –2dBu
- 75mW *6 150mW Stereo Phone
(Unbalanced) *2
40 Ω
- 65mW *6 150mW

*1. XLR-3-32 connectors are balanced jacks (1=GND, 2=HOT, 3=COLD). *2. The PHONES connectors for stereo headphones are balanced jacks (Tip=LEFT, Ring=RIGHT, Sleeve= GND). *3. 0 dBu=0.775 Vms for all specifications. *4. All the DA converters use 24-bit linear/128-times oversampling. *5. The console has an internal switch for toggling the maximum output level. *6. This is a value measured with the PHONES LEVEL knob set to 10 dB below the maximum position. *7. QL1: OMNI OUT 1-8

Digital input/output specifications

ConnectorsFormatData lengthLevelAudioConnector
Primary/Secondary Dante 24bit or 32bit 1000Base-T 64ch Input/64ch
Output@48kHz *1
EtherCON Cat5e

Digital output specifications

ConnectorsFormatData lengthLevelConnector
DIGITAL OUT AES/EBU AES/EBU Professional Use 24bit RS422 XLR-3-32 type (Balanced) *1

I/O SLOT (1-2) specifications

Each I/O Slot accepts a Mini-YGDAI card. Only Slot 1 has a serial interfac.

Control I/O characteristics

MIDI IN MIDI - DIN Connector 5P
OUT MIDI - DIN Connector 5P
WORDCLOCK IN - TTL/75 Ω terminated BNC Connector
OUT - TTL/75 Ω BNC Connector
GPI (5IN/5OUT) - - D Sub Connector 15P(Female) *1
NETWORK IEEE802.3 10BASE-T/100Base-TX RJ-45
LAMP (QL5: x 2, QL1: x 1) - 0V-12V XLR-4-31 type *2
USB HOST USB 2.0 - USB A Connector (Female)

*1. Input pin: TTL level, w/ internal pull-up (47kΩ) Output pin: Open drain output (Vmax=12V, maximum sink current/pin=-75mA) Power supply pin: Output voltage Vp=5V, Max. output current=300mA *2. 4 pin=+12V, 3 pin=GND, Lamp nominal power: 5W, Brightness (voltage) can be adjusted from the software.